“You will go far, beba. I can feel your passion in what you do.” – Mom

“I am proud of the woman you’ve become. I’m at a loss for words.” -Dad

Hey there. My name is Graciela Alexandra, Christian lifestyle blogger for When I’m not writing, I’m traveling. When I’m not traveling, I’m mentoring a group of the most vibrant, resilient humans in the world.

I represent. I’m an ambassador. The widow, the orphan, the outcast, the unloved – I do it all with you in mind.

I travel.  God placed really blue skies and really orange sunsets to remind me of His love for me. Unless otherwise stated, all photos on LaBeautifulCaos are taken with my IPhone 7.

I mentor.  Every woman has the opportunity to love and pour into the life of a young girl around her. Our tears and experiences weren’t in vain. And believe me – there is a young woman out there who needs to hear your story. I live for this.

I love. My legacy means everything to me. If I can get at least one woman, one girl – to recognize her value. If I encourage her to be bold enough to travel or mentor or express Christ through her creativity- then I’ve done my job.

Everything that you see or read on is a direct reflection of God’s love, grace, and mercy over my life.

Here’s to raising queens. Here’s to being them.