Between ‘Once Upon A Time’ And ‘Happily Ever After’


Like most girls, I always dreamed of what being in love would be like. I thought that my Prince Charming would come and whisk me away into my happily ever after.

Well, I met my Prince Charming. He is all that I hoped for, dreamed for, and prayed for. But now what?

I was so used to kissing frogs, but now I have a prince and I don’t even know what to do. One day we will get married, concluding the fairytale every girl wants. But what about now? There is a part of the story in between “once upon a time” and “happily ever after” called dating.

The Disney movies did not equip me for this whatsoever. Even though my boyfriend is perfect, he doesn’t slay dragons, fight off evil witches, or bring me to life with his kisses. (Well maybe the last one 🤗)

But honestly, I’ve never once encountered a Fairy Godmother, or mice that sew and drive me around in pumpkins.

Love is a choice. While the scenarios listed are the ones depicted in all of the movies, that’s just not the reality of love.

When butterflies fade away and all you’re left with is the other persons character. As they are left with yours. That’s when you must determine if they are worth choosing over and over again.

Is this person kind to you after they’ve worked a 10 hour shift? Do they make you feel beautiful when you put on a few pounds? Does the way you love each other reflect your love of God positively? If you rely on “feelings” alone, no one will ever match up. Love is about more than the happily ever after, it’s about the entire story.



9 thoughts on “Between ‘Once Upon A Time’ And ‘Happily Ever After’

  1. So true! I think that a lot of people like the idea of being in love and being in a relationship without much thought to what happens when the ‘honeymoon phases’ pass and (some) of the butterflies go away.

    1. Courtenay! You are so smart and I love this! I subscribed to your adventures 🙂 Hope we can stay connected!

  2. Very honest and true post. Everyone goes through different phases in a relationship, and it is hard work to stay looking in the same direction and making effort to fall in love with each other over and over again. Just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and had dated my hubby for 2.5 years before marriage. Now, with our 2 kids, we are still writing our story. You’re right, it’s all about the journey!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I think they said that they honeymoon phase lasts 6-18 months and after that you’re left with the work of staying together. We were sold a story but in real life relationships take real work…forever.

  4. I watched one too many fairy tales growing up but I learned through family and the church there will always be trying times and challenges you will have to face together. Some will be big and others not so hard but it’s the way you handle them together and overcome or don’t that makes a difference.

    1. Love this insight. You’re so right! I’m currently single but preparing myself for this kind of fighting and overcoming.


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