Whoa. I’m officially twenty-something and I can’t say I feel any different than last year.

(Okay. So I might have spent my birthday trying to convince everyone I was 22 but hey bought it.)

This year’s birthday weekend was like no other. I was showered with endless love from family and friends. And just when I had enough, we had a huge barbecue with endless steak and seafood.

The life.

Can we just talk about how cute this romper dress is? There’s something about it that screams beauty and assertiveness.

For girls like me who have a big butt and hips to match , this is perfect. You don’t have to constantly obsess over pulling down your shorts (seriously, the worst). The dress effortlessly does it for you.

And how can I forget? The best accessories for this outfit?  Laughter and joy of course.

One thing I do know is that this year is better. This year I’m better. I’ve recognized my worth in Christ and it has changed my life forever.

Sometimes we wait and wait for things in our life to change. And, naturally, it seems like God is taking forever.

But here’s the game changer: In order for the things in our life to change, we must change first.

Rest in this.

I put together a list of awesome romper dresses that I thought you guys would enjoy!

Go ahead take a look and make this the best year yet.





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