My feet wouldn’t touch the ground.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t exactly defying Newton’s law of gravity but my life sure felt like it.

I remember reaching a place in my twenty-somethings where everything seemed gray. I was floating. Dreams and plans that were once confidently black or white, turned into a nauseating shade of gray and left me wondering how God’s faithfulness played in this.

I couldn’t pray. Not because I forgot but because I didn’t want to. I was done putting my eggs in the basket of a god who said no to my established plans. I was totally over it.

It must’ve shown in my face.
It had to have.

Because out of nowhere, the lady at church known for wearing really big hats and matching shoes came up to me one day and said “Be encouraged! God gives and God takes.”

But does this mean He makes promises and reneges too?

Reflecting on that point of my life where all my plans became as sturdy as wet sheet rock- I can now see that God was sovereign even then. Just because things were out of my control, doesn’t mean they were out of His.

There’s usually a gap between God’s promise and the fulfillment of it. A lot of times this gap involves detours and failure and what seems like never-ending gray areas. But everything – gray areas included – works together for your good per Romans 8:28.

It might not make sense right now and I understand that. And maybe emotions are getting in the way of putting your faith in God – I understand that too.

But when all your plans are crushed – you fail your boards exam, you go through an unimaginable heartbreak, your career heads downhill and it feels like you’re floating dead-smack in the middle of nothingness- you can confidently trust that God knows what He’s doing even when you don’t.

Be encouraged, friends.


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