I’m officially convinced. The more I read, the bigger my head gets.

In the beginning of the year, my dad challenged me to read a book a month. So here are the books that have radically changed me these past couple of months.

And trust me. They’ll change you too.

THE PROBLEM OF PAIN  Undeniably one of my favorites. My most recent power move consisted of purchasing C.S Lewis’ Signature Classics on Amazon. His style of writing is incomparable. His commitment to classical liberalism combined with bold faith – makes his writing extremely applicable.

If you’re wrestling with the goodness of God in midst of pain, I highly recommend this read.

I remember a time in my mid 20s – and having passed through all the suffering I went through, I questioned the goodness/faithfulness of God in the middle of things He let happen to me.

If I knew then what I knew now, I would have held on to this book with everything in me. And if that’s where you are – this book is for you.

12 EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN  Can we just agree that we can never really go wrong with John MacArthur?

I’m not going to lie – at first, I didn’t think there as anything that this book could really teach me. I mean, I grew up in the church, I heard stories about all these ladies – there was nothing that I didn’t already know.

Boy, was I wrong.

When I tell you that this book has opened up my eyes and convicted me in ways I NEEDED – sis, trust me.

If you’re looking to expand your relationship with the Lord and are ready to be challenged – grab 12 Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur.

LIFE IS _________ If you ever read Jesus is________, you already know Judah Smith is an excellent author.

If it seems like life is:

  • weighing you down
  • boring/monotonous
  • giving you anxiety
  • overwhelming you

This is going to be your book. Judah Smith breaks down what it means to love without limits, trust God without boundaries, and live your absolute best life.

Refreshing and encouraging, this is an absolute MUST have in your bookshelf.

GOLIATH MUST FALL I had to see what all the hype was about. For those currently dealing with giants that seem impossible to overcome, this book is a necessity.

Jobs, marriage, relationships, and even children – there are multiple areas in our life that often come with giants. And sometimes impossibility can blind us to God’s omnipotence. Louie Giglio does a remarkable job to help you refocus and find your faith.


31 thoughts on “LBC MUST READS

  1. I will most definitely look into some of these titles. I have been meaning to get back to personal/devotional type reading. It’s very important in developing your relationship with Christ and studying the word. Thank you for the suggestions and the reminder.

    1. LaDeia! Yess I totally agree! I am all for books that help me grow in my relationship with the Lord. Sometimes life can be SO busy, but that time of solitude is definitely mandatory!

  2. These were really interesting. I’ve not heard of any of them before actually. I’ve gotten really bad with reading books these days! I literally only read online blogs. But thank you for the recommendations!

    1. I was on the same boat last year, but sometimes the internet can give me anxiety haha Blessings JoJo

      Graciela xx

  3. I love reading, and these definitely sound like interesting pics. I am a huge book nerd, geekess, and I like reading them every day, every night, and whenever I possibly can.

  4. I super love your blog, I have seen the poster in my city of John McArthur, my city is having an exposition featuring him. I have read some of the description and I did enjoyed it. thank you for this super and lovely post.

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