16 thoughts on “LET’S TALK: Breakups Part 1

  1. Oh man, break ups can definitely be hard and traumatizing and demoralizing. My husband and I went through a lot of ups and downs when we were just friends. Thankfully our communication is so iron-clad that we are stronger than ever!

    1. They’re definitely no fun! But thankfully things get better Gigi! Better days are ahead

      Graciela xx

  2. Great podcast as always! I can’t relate myself but you definitely mentioned things I’ve noticed amongst my friends! Thank you for sharing!💙

    1. Thank you Tisha! I would LOVE it if you left a review on iTunes! that would really encourage me!

    1. Nicole, I am so sorry for everything you’re going through. I hope this series helps strengthen you like it did me. If you ever need to talk, shoot me a message.

  3. Man this really got to me. I definitely been through a tough break up. I agree 100%. My best friend is my accountability partner and, it gets hard but it’s nice to have someone looking out for me. And girl I will try to work on that forgiveness part! Lol it’s hard but I love your outlook on it! P.S. you have a great voice! I can just hear you on the radio one day

    1. Hey sunshine! Thank you so much for this feedback! Ugh and who are you telling! Forgiving someone can definitely feel like pulling teeth! And maybe it’s even a process. (a slow one for me lol) but a start is all we can do!


  4. Loved the podcast! Breakups are very hard. You definitely have to learn how to forgive and heal because if you don’t then you’re going to try and find someone to replace what you’re missing. Mainly because of the depression from the breakup. I wish I had listen to this back in my dating days. lol

    1. Donyell, who are you telling! haha I wish I had more resources available when I was going though mines, but here we are!
      I would love it if you subscribed and wrote a review for the podcast! It would definitely be encouraging!

      Graciela xx

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