11 thoughts on “LET’S TALK: BREAKUPS PART 2

  1. Sissssssss! I am triggered! Never had a breakup, but I’ve been hurt by men in the past through other means and this spoke straight to my soul! You’re doing amazing sweetie! God bless you!💙

    1. TISHA! Praise God!!! I am so encouraged by your comments! I would love it if you left a review on iTunes Podcast! This helps this message go out to a larger audience!

      God bless you!

      Graciela xx

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast. You provided very sound and knowledgeable advice and teaching. Having gone through divorce and leaving bad relationships, I had to learn how to extend grace, mercy and forgiveness to those I carried resentment towards. I had to learn to release the offense/bitterness and not hold on to it, or carry it. But it’s a beautiful thing to enter into God’s rest, and I love how you spoke on that. In spite of the bad relationships and disappointments, God still has the best for us and will bless us in greater ways than we can imagine. We just have to take our hands off of certain things and trust Him more…and just rest.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Your response has encouraged me beyond words and encouraged me to examine my own heart when it comes to this kind of pain.

      Graciela xx

  3. I’m so glad you commented on my blog because that’s how I found your podcast! You are so encouraging and REAL. Thank you for being you and putting yourself out there!

    1. Morgan 🙂 I absolutely enjoyed your post and you’re an amazing writer who is going to do amazing things. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast, girlie! I would appreciate it if you left a review on iTunes! It’ll mean a lot to me

      Graciela xx

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