Let’s Talk: Insecurity Or Intuition?


Alright ladies. Let’s be real.

You’ve done it at least once.

You have either messed up a good thing because you “thought” it was your intuition


You stuck with a “bad thing” because you thought it was insecurity.

Let’s talk about it.

One common mistake I see way too often is the confusion between intuition and insecurity.

Side note: I might be violating girl code with this one.

But I’m seeing way too many ladies pressure their men with insecurities and blame it on some fake kumbaya moment.

I also see the TOTAL opposite.

Some ladies know something is up, but blame it on their insecurities…..FROM 10 YEARS AGO!

So I thought this would help a sista’ out and differentiate between the two.


Insecurity is usually an action or feeling primarily based on past experience or hurt.

For example.

Let’s say you burned yourself getting too close to a red fire. Insecurity will lead you to believe that every “red” thing is hot because that pain was that traumatizing.

So you’ll find yourself pointing the finger at things like red lipstick and strawberries based on past hurt.

Intuition, on the other hand, is an organic 6th sense with no real conscious reasoning.

I don’t know about you guys, but my mom knows EVERYTHING. It’s so annoying.

Like when I was younger, I could never just sin in peace.

It’s like my mom knew my every move and had no problem calling me out on that.

THAT right there, is intuition.

No rhyme or reason. You just know.


Whether you’re the Insecure Chica, who stalks her man’s page 5 times a day or the Intuitive Chica, whose in sync with her 6th sense  – I have a piece of advice.

If you’re looking for something, you’re going to find it.

Take a deep breath and give that man space to be human.

What’s your experience with the intuition/insecurity battle? Now accepting anonymous comments below!


13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Insecurity Or Intuition?

  1. I experience this conflation, but not with relationships. Mostly in my day to day because of confidence. Working on it though! But you’re definitely right about the aspect of finding what you’re looking for. Seen that happen many times smh

    1. Hi Courtenay!
      We’re on the same boat! It drives me absolutely insane sometime! But regrouping is definitely necessary!

  2. This was a lesson i had to learn over the course of a year, I would get a feeling a hunch, about a situation or a realationship, or a decision.. In the beginning, it was costly because every time i did or went along with what made sense, life put me in check, they were all significant things, I kept being taught about my W omen’s intuition.. what it was how it didnt have to make sense, logically I am thankful for the lessons but it was a rough ride !

    1. Ugh. It’s the worst and it can drive you crazy! But you gotta let your man be human while you’re human too 🙂

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