Dear Hyper-Sensitive Christian,



When it comes to social media – Twitter is my favorite.

I’m a total fan.

The roast sessions. The memes. The inspiration. The GIFs.  It’s like different demographics come together to sing Kumba-ya in harmony while making smores.

But for a while, Twitter gave me the weirdest kind of anxiety. Not like palm-sweating anxiety. Maybe paranoia is a better word.

It felt like someone was watching over my shoulder and judging me for what I classified as entertaining on the social platform.

The Knicks. Fashion. Make-up..
The ShadeRoom. The Year of Yes. Kanye’s mental breakdown.

None of this is necessarily deemed inappropriate. It just doesn’t always have the word “God” in it.  And I like it all.

Recently, I read a tweet from Christian Hip Hop artist, Lecrae, that made me wonder if he goes through similar battles.

His tweet

As you can imagine, he received backlash for recommending authors and books that were anti-Christian.

Here’s where it gets icky.

To be in this world, but not of it per Romans 12:2.

Does this mean we cast non-Christians out of our lives like lepers?
Does this mean we can’t learn from non-Christians?
Does this mean we reject those who bring their alabaster jar because their brokenness can ruin our reputation…

Paul assures us in 1 Corinthians 3:7, that all we can do is our part; shine the light assigned to us. We don’t make things grow. We don’t change the heart of man. We don’t convert others. God does that.

And in the midst of lepers or sinners or tax collectors or non-Christian Twitter – is us carrying the light of Christ while laughing at Arthur memes or funny roast sessions. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m firm believer that God uses even things like fashion and art and jokes and food for His glory.

We don’t have to approach every situation with a suit and tie in order for people to realize that we’re a Christian.

Every single person in the Bible that had a 3D experience with the love of Christ – was met exactly where they were, how they were.

Now it’s your turn:

As Christians, are we called to this type of hyper-sensitivity? What does it mean to be in the world but not of it?

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One thought on “Dear Hyper-Sensitive Christian,

  1. God is good. I think the thing that this generation may have to realize is the difference between tradition/personal conviction and the word of God. Jesus may have seemed to break the rules from time to time maybe however he still was without sin. The question is it wrong because personal conviction, the scriptures or Tradition. Only one of them really is a foundation for right doing or drawing the line across the board I would say rest on the right understanding of scriptures.By the way all three of these can be related to each other I would say.

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