I blame my dad.

In the beginning of the year, he challenged me to read a book a month. The more I read, the more I retain.

And as a result- my head is huge.

Here are my current reads that have completely blown my mind away.



I didn’t believe God could do it. I remember reaching a point in my life where the things I loved were “too messed up to fix”. I was then introduced to The Grave Robber by Mark Batterson. If you are struggling with your faith and are unsure if God is able – I would recommend this book. It will give you a new level of understanding in regards to God’s omnipotence.

For the people who ask where my drive comes from – here’s your answer. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has changed my life forever. If you’re feeling stuck and looking for some inspiration while reaching for your stars, I would recommend this book tenfold. Total Classic.

For all your fiction needs. Thank me later.

The Great Divorce is an allegory of how C.S Lewis views heaven and hell. His description is phenomenal. Throughout the book, he effortlessly dissects our heart issues when it comes to the battle between our relationship with God and our selfishness. Mind blowing and a definite read.

My best friend put me on. I have never heard of the name Paul Tripp and because of this book, I had to follow him on Twitter. Tripp has an astounding way of presenting the Gospel in a beautiful, refreshing way that will leave you wanting more. If you’re on the hunt for a devotional book that will help you understand and return to your first love – I totally recommend.

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