Serious question. Does chocolate covered strawberries count as a serving of fruit?

Remember when I told you guys I wouldn’t write about the food at the Florida State fair on my previous post.

Yea. This is me caving.

Have you ever realized how much you don’t appreciate your hometown until you have visitors? Seriously. J and N came to visit last week and all of the sudden I was an expert adventurista. Fanny pack and all.

For those who have never been, the Florida Strawberry Festival is Florida’s way of appreciating these red, heart-shaped goodies.

Shout out to the Plant City Lions Club for coming up with idea of celebrating Plant City’s bountiful strawberry harvest  in the 30’s. With acres and acres of endless strawberry fields and workers to match – it’s no wonder why Parksdale Farms is known nation-wide for growing the finest strawberries.

But apart from the delicious strawberries – guys, the food.

I’m convinced God hooked us up with deep fried cookie dough to remind us of His love for us. Don’t question the theology behind this.

To my fellow foodies out there, this is for you.

  1. Deep fried cookie dough Trust me when I say this is a game changer. Imagine chocolatey gooeyness effortlessly melting in your mouth while the wind blows in your hair. I know, a total romance novel. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a MUST! Ten times better than deep fried cookie dough.


2. Holy Gyro This thing was HUGE.  When I saw the lady behind the counter cutting the lamb off the vertical rotisserie- my digestive system immediately started acting out. The meat was so soft and tender.  I’m pretty sure there was a pile of drool next to my shoes.


3. Chocolate covered strawberries So back to my original question.

Okay, okay in all seriousness – if fruit were covered in chocolate it would make life 10 times better. And if chocolate covered strawberries were considered a legit fruit serving – I’d be in perfect health.


And lastly, the glory of all glories

4.  St. Clement’s “make your own” strawberry shortcake If there’s one thing that brings traffic to the festival, it’s St. Clement’s strawberry shortcake. Everyone knows this.

Loads of shortcake. Pounds of strawberry. Endless whipped cream.

If you don’t preorder your ticket, you’re probably going to wait in forever.

Strawberry shortcake is good. But this thang right here – is heavenly.




Nothing goes better with good food than good company. Huge shout out to these gorgeous gems for being my date. Last week was perfect.



  1. If you’re looking for some tasty food and fun rides then head over to The h Annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival will be held Memorial Day Weekend Friday, May h through May h at the Village Green between Main and Euclid in downtown Garden Grove.

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