The Reality About The Sin You Can’t Stop

I contemplated writing this post for the past week. Not because I didn’t have enough material, but because it so close to home.
So in writing this post, I’m really writing to myself. And in reading this post, I hope God does His thing with both of us.


Here’s the reality. Are you ready?

God is not enough for you
Regardless of what it is you struggle with, we can safely conclude one thing: you keep going back.
Like a drug, there’s a high attached to it that keeps us coming back for more.
But no matter how many times we go to the alter, no matter how many tears are shed, no matter how many times we “give it over to God”- we still choose it.


Maybe not immediately after.
It’s usually never immediately after.


But eventually you forget.
You forget your prayer.
You forget how icky you feel after.
You forget the tears.
You forget the promise you made to God.
And you do it again.


The reality of this cycle is that God is not enough for you. Im not doubting your relationship with God. That’s not my call.


But your search for satisfaction outside of the fountain that never runs dry means either:
1.) You’ve walked away from the fountain or
2.) The water is no longer satisfying to you


Matthew 5:6 is great at bringing your tastebuds into conviction. If your hunger and thirst isn’t for righteousness, then something/someone has been placed on God’s pedestal.



It’s when God becomes boring and monotonous that we start searching for the trees that we’re not suppose eat from.


I think that’s why the vulnerability of the Psalmist is so appreciated in Psalm 51:12a
Restore unto me the joy of my salvation…”
There’s danger ahead when your relationship with God becomes routine. When the initial joy is no longer present, you’ll find yourself becoming codependent on your sin for happiness.


We love the idea of a God who providebut not the idea of a God in authority.
We want the spouse but don’t want to give our lust to God.
We want a marriage but don’t want to the consequences that come with selfishness.
We want a relationship, but want to be the exception to the rule when it comes to dealing with our pride.
We hate authority. No one ever wants to be the pawn. No one ever wants to be the servant. No one ever wants to be on the other side of condescension.
We’re too prideful for those demeaning positions.
But your attempt to obtain both the blessing and keep the vice is an erroneous strategy and never works in the long run.


With blessings comes obedience. And sometimes that obedience requires sacrifice.
It won’t be easy, I’ll tell you that much. If your flesh could conquer sin by itself the work on the cross would have been in irrelevant.
That why God’s response to Paul’s cry for help over the one thing in his life he couldn’t seem to control in 2 Corinthians 12 , was more grace.
God didn’t expect Paul to do it by himself. God doesn’t expect you to do it by yourself.
He provides His grace, his strength to us if we would just ask.


Im praying for you

9 thoughts on “The Reality About The Sin You Can’t Stop

  1. Your right it can be hard to follow what you know in your mind is the right thing to do. I recognized when I have to stop and think, “You know this is not want God is guiding you to do” but my fear and ease of the wrong doing what makes me comfortable for that moment. For me to follow and allow god to lead me and have faith that only good can come from obeying and follow the lord and not to allow the sinful temptation mislead me from the way of the lord. It is hard to break that bad habit until I realize that bad habit is not making it easy for me, it is making me feel too scared for change and scarfice. Then when I finally get the strength to let God lead then at that point I knew that I have accomplish greatness. You touch heart in your blogs and videos and I thank you for that Graciela helping me realize change is hard but can be very well worth it and not to only call on God when in trouble but talk and walk with God before ,during and after the troubles not just before and during.

  2. I can relate to going back to the same thing over and over. I’m currently still going through it. I constantly make promises to God and there are some that I did follow through with. It’s a step by step process

  3. Girl you stepped on some toes. I loved this. It is hard to let it go. It is hard to just lay it on the alter and let it stay there. We are not trained to do so. That conviction you feel when you keep picking it back up will keep coming harder until you put it back down and let it stay down.

  4. Well put young lady, that spoke volumes. This is a truth in my life as well. Pray that I stay thirsty for the Lord. God continue to use you

  5. I absolutely loved this piece.
    What you wrote about was so truthful and so close to home for me.
    I know you will touch the hearts of many out there.
    Not only do we have to give it to God but we have to take it to the next level and execute ACTION.
    Thank you so much for this! I shared this on my twitter so that hopefully someone out there can get the motivation to finally make a change for the better and let go of what holds them back, every … single…time.


  6. I’m triggered lol. But this post is exactly what we need, at least I do! Ultimately we’re afraid to give someone else authority! You hit the nail on the head as always! It’s great that you mentioned that all we need is strength and that the strength is available- many begin to be slaves to their sin bc they fall into the trap of believing that it’s impossible to overcome. Great post- God bless you for having the courage to share! No Christian is perfect but many wish to portray this- than you for being open!!!

  7. I actually do not know what I got from this piece. My relationship with God is surface level which is something that I have tried to work on for years but I am just not able to get there. Its difficult

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