It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

So I have to admit. I was originally going to write a long post about the awesome food I tasted at the Florida State Fair this year. But since there aren’t enough words in the English language to fulfill this assignment, I figured I’d write about the next best thing.

Have you ever noticed that the happiest humans on earth are usually next to a Ferris wheel? Okay, so it may not be written in stone, but come on I’m on to something here.

When I first moved to Tampa, I was introduced to The Florida State Fair and have been in love ever since. All the rides you can imagine next to all the food you can imagine next to all the smiles you can imagine.

Here’s my best attempt in capturing the fair feels in one post.

1. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL It’s easy to forget this simple truth. In the middle of a opinionated Facebook and ShadeRoom clapbacks, it’s easy to forget that life really is beautiful. Sometimes it takes a deliberate step in a positive direction to regain perspective.

2. HERE’S TO WATER AND ORANGEY SUNSETS I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. God places really orange sunsets on this earth to remind me of His love for me. There’s something about experiencing life “In Living Color” that makes you appreciate even the simplest pleasures. (see what I did there)

3. EMBRACE IT LIKE A CHILD Ever wonder why scripture asks us to become like children? It’s because they’re not jaded. They love effortlessly. Things don’t over-complicate or over-analyze things like faith, love, and trips to the fair. They take it for what it is and embrace every ounce of it.

4.  TAKE A BREAK Here’s total permission to disconnect. Coming from a total workaholic – it’s okay to step away from your phone and enjoy the cool things around you. Real life isn’t social media or tweets or Tumblr perfect pictures. Real life is the indescribable that happens when you’re away from those things.

5. LIFE IS ONE BIG PARTY WHILE YOU’RE STILL YOUNG or seasoned. No matter how dark your days have been, life is filled with pretty neat things – like the Florida State Fair. All it takes is a deliberate step towards positivity to taste the beauties of blue skies, bright lights, and deep fried cookie dough.

I had the privilege of taking some of the girls I mentor to the state fair. It’s like an annual ritual for us.

Here’s official access to the mentor life. Check out the video and enjoy!


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